Closure Blooms

Closure Blooms

I have added this link to the website for new documentary by film maker Lisa Klein, with her husband Doug Blush, producer, “The S Word.” The film is about suicide and suicide survivors, of which I am one. “Closure Blooms” is a piece about my return to the 5oth reunion of the class of 1966, the class I didn’t graduate with, because my suicide attempt ended with leaving school and a time in the mental hospital. The article was specially edited for inclusion on “The S Word’s website.

I was featured in Lisa and Doug’s previous film, “Of Two Minds,” about Bipolar Disorder. Persons with Bipolar Disorder frequently commit suicide. I have survived one serious attempt told in “Closure Blooms,” as a young student, and one almost attempt when much later in life I became a crack cocaine addict. Crack cocaine was my failing self-medication for the severe depression of the mental condition I have always had, but didn’t know about when I was a student. Bipolar Disorder wasn’t a diagnosis 50 years ago.


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