Donald Trump’s Naked Lunch



Trump is trumped by William Burroughs, who in 1959 invented Islam, Inc.

Islam Inc. was forbidden to meet with five miles of Interzone, a hallucinatory city that sound very American.

In Naked Lunch, William Borroughs wrote:

“I was working for an outfit known as Islam Inc., financed by A.J. the notorious Merchant of Sex, who scandalized international society when he appeared at the Duc de Ventre’s ball as a walking penis covered by a huge condom emblazoned with with the A.J. motto: They shall not pass.” …………. every conceivable Arab party make up the rank and file and attend the actual meetings from which the higher-ups prudently abstain. Though the delegates are carefully searched at the door, these gatherings invariably culminate in riots. Speakers are often doused with gasoline and burned to death, or some uncouth desert Sheik opens up on his opponents with a machine gun he concealed in the belly of a pet sheep. Nationalist martyrs with grenades up the ass mingle with the assembled conferents and suddenly explode, occasioning heavy casualties……….Interzone has an ordinance forbidding a meeting of Islam, Inc. with five miles of the city limits.”

Burroughs knew you shall not let those Radical Islamist pass, but then again he was a Harvard boy, heroin addict and a notorious queer.


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