Rehoboth’s Red Moon Arises

Pocked gunmetal ocean

curls into silent white

sweeping the wet umber sand

ABOVE the streaked East horizon

a red moon, luminous, blood soaked,

ascends across dark clouds and

STOPS the boardwalk movement


Baseball-capped elderly

Pink-haired nose-ringed youths

Muslim head-scarfed women

fat T-shirted mothers and fathers

stuffed dog-holding children

put down their French fries,

pizza slices, funnel cakes, hot dogs

turn toward the water, GAWKING


Out come the cell phones

crowds cluster the beach access gaps

white benches convert to perches

tapped camera APPS, finger expanded,

vertically and horizontally gyrated

SNAP the rising vermilion orb

lifting through black-lance veils


Freed into the blue black umbra

colors shift in starry heaven

the earth’s red satellite turns chrome yellow

brilliant yellow fades to pale

moon drifts into shadowed light

visible is the MAN IN THE MOON

boardwalk moves on, slurping treats


Genesis digs Rehoboth’s well

of playful harmony,

the rich land Flourishes

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