An overmedicated nation?

Dr. Charles Barber, a lecturer in psychiatry at the School of Medicine, Yale University believes Americans are an overmedicated nation. With prescription medicines advertised on Television, there has been a demand created for powerful anti-depressant drugs, which might not be needed and could be better served by the utilization of cognitive therapy before the immediate reliance on drug therapy. This cultural change -only the United States and New Zealand allow televised advertisement of prescription drugs, in all other countries it is illegal -is assisted by our system of managed care, which has made it more difficult to see therapists for mental health problems and to get talk therapy. This too results in the prevalent prescription of antidepressants.

I have no arguement with Dr. Barber on his description of America as an overmedicated society. I would argue that there needs to be one word added to the phrase. We are an over self-medicated society.  And the addition of this one word opens up a whole range of criticisms about the overmedicated society and the cognitive therapy alternative. 

Americans seek self medication through alcohol and drugs, and they have for a long time. I dispute the commonly held theory behind the 12-step programs that chemical dependency is an question of low tolerance, an allergy if you will to chemical substances, and can be cured by  abstinance and cognitive therapy.  The success rate of these programs is only 33% or so I am told. I would imagine that a great deal of what motivates people to drink or drug is depression, and that is generally not cured by sobriety. It may be cured by cognative therapy, but that is not my experience.

I was a drug addict. I was hung up on marijuana and crack cocaine. For years I went to psychologists and psychiatrists trying to cure my periods of severe depression. Nothing worked, but drugs mitigated the effects of my disease. Indeed they made it better for a while and then made it worse. All the talking I did; all the journaling I did; all the personal self discovery I did; did nothing.  I went to drug rehab and relapsed. The more I followed the 12 steps, the more I wanted to use. Not until I reached my end point where I decided to commit suicide did I get the help I needed. 

This was not the end where I had reached a bottom that would make me embrace the 12 Steps of AA, but the bottom where I final received the help I needed as a person severely afflicted with Bipolar Disorder. Once I recieved the proper medication my desire for illegal drugs went away. I have never used them since. It has been more than five years now. 

I wonder what my life would have been if there had been the ads on TV 20 years ago for ABILIFY as I struggled in vain to free myself from the devils that plagued me.  But 20 years ago not many people knew much about Bipolar Disorder.  They were just ready to sell you some gin, rum, or whiskey to cool you out after a rough day.  Your analyst was always available at some outrageous sum per hour to talk to you about your problems. I always felt better for about an hour after I went for a talk.

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  1. Ginger

    Overmedicated, perhaps, but you got your life back, and now you are doing something with it. Hip, hip, hoooooooooo raaaaaaaaaay!

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